Roxxiess_Sound System was Est in 2003 with all our professional DJ's with Years of
Experience and have been supplying nothing but the best quality in all types of music
in all different types of venues around the UK which then certified us of being some
of the most advance and best Dj Group when it comes to none stop party'in that plays
a mixture for all Age, Sex, Culture & Genres,

Roxxiess_Sound System was first started with Three Members in 2003
(RS_Dre, RS_Daddy P & RS_Mughead) which then Rapidly strived from becoming
resident DJ's in various clubs in an around the West Midlands, Hosting different
Events across the UK 7days per week.

We then continued spreading the love of our musical skills and knowledge to the world
by approaching the Radio Presentation industry in 2004 on our local birmingham based
community radio station where we then continue to expand on our company up until

In the year 2006 we became the most consistent Sound System in the UK and Voting
the UK's No.1 Juggling Sound (Voted by a Press Panel across the UK).

From the years 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 to 2012 we then carried on winning all the titles
of been the UK's No.1 Juggling's including best Radio Presenters throughout all the
years till presents.

WE ARE most definitely Proud to continue being
"DA UK'S NO.1 JUGGLING SOUND" and there will be no other like
ROXXIESS_SOUND SYSTEM which makes us Stand Alone and We are more than
experience and is guaranteed with a satisfaction of a 100% good vibes which is a
priority to be carried out on every job.